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    How can I see how well my students are doing (teacher analytics)?


    We are providing a number of ways for teachers to track the performance of their class, this article will be updated as well roll out new features.

    To access class analytics

    First select the course you are interested in from your home page and then select the class you are interested in.  You will then see this screen:

    From here you will see:

    • a list of students in your class
    • their username (e-mail address)
    • when they last revised
    • the ability to unlink the student from your class (the red button)

    To access detailed analytics click the green button in the top right titled "Analytics".

    We currently have four different analytic reports:

    1. Usage
    2. Student overview 
    3. Question analysis (coming soon)
    4. Class matrix (coming soon)

    Select the report you are after from the top grey bar.

    Changing topic filters on the right will alter the report to provide analysis for just those topics.

    Usage report:

    This report provides you with details of how your students are using the system.

    The active infopoint  at the top of the report shows the number of students who have revised at least one day in the time period selected on the filter.

    Questions: This is the number of questions a student has answered within the time period selected on the filter. Please note, if a student has answered the same question more than once, it will still only count as a single question.

    Days revised: This is the number of different days a student has revised within the time period.

    Last revised: This informs you when the student last revised.  This is not affected by the filter.

    Sorting: Use the first sub-menu to sort the report.  Clicking the heading multiple times will toggle the sort order.


    Student Overview report:

    In this report you get an overview of how well your students are doing.

    The coloured bars show you how many questions a student has:

    • Mastered (green)
    • Got right twice in a row (yellow)
    • Got right once (amber)
    • Got wrong the last time they where asked it (red)

    The numbers in the coloured bars refers to the number of questions in each category.

    At the end of each bar it the students accuracy. This is the percentage of questions asked which were got right when asked the last time.

    At the top right of the report is a circle which shows you at a glace the average accuracy for this class.

    Use the first sub-menu to sort the report

    Use the second sub-menu to filter the report to just look at the results from the past 7 days, past 4 weeks or all time.

    Question Analysis report:

    coming soon

    Class Matrix report:

    coming soon


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