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    I'm being asked a question I already got right, why?



    This is one of the main features of Smart Revise which will help you.

    Have you heard of the "forgetting curve"?


    90% of what you have learnt you will have forgotten within 90 days!

    That's the red line.

    Scary, no wonder revision is so important.

    With Smart Revise though we ask you questions you got right at a later point.

    Each time we do this you further cement the knowledge in your mind and it takes much longer to forget it.

    Check out those green lines!

    Just because you answered a question correctly once doesn't me you have mastered it!

    The more times you get a question right in a row the better your mastery will be.  Use Smart Revise often and fill up your mastery bars on every question until they hit green!

    Use Smart Revise throughout your course and when you start to revise before your exams you will find you already know so much more of the content than you would have otherwise!


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