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    How much does it cost?


    Our prices are simple and depend on if you are buying access to our course packs as a private subscriber or as a teacher / school.

    Private subscriber purchase:

    • Course packs cost £6 per months access (1 month counts as 31 days continuous access)
    • You can purchase as many months as you feel are needed and can top up at any time.

    Teacher / School purchase: (Schools get big discounts!)

    • When you purchase course pack vouchers for your students they will have unlimited access until the end of the course (after the summer exam for the current series).
    • Prices will vary depending on what point during the series you purchase.
    • Simply log on as a teacher, select the course you wish to purchase for your students and choose "Buy revision packs" to see the current price.
    • Typical example costs:
      • If you purchased revision course vouchers at the start of Year 11 or 13 in September it would cost £6.50 per voucher.


      • If you purchase after the January of Year 11 or 13 you’ll get 20% off the normal price at £5.20 as there is less time left to use it before the exam.


      • If you want to use the tool as learning and revision aid right throughout the 2 year course and purchase at the start of year 10 or 12 again you’ll get 20% off the normal price of a two year purchase at £11.70.

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