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    How do I buy revision course packs for my students?


    Start by selecting one of your available courses from inside your account.


    Then choose "Buy revisions packs"



    From here you will be taken to the "Purchase Vouchers" screen.

    The current price per voucher will clearly be displayed under the selected course in the yellow box.

    This is the price per student and will give the student unlimited access to the course until the end of the current series (after the summer exam).

    Fill out all the details requested, making sure to provide a Purchase Order Number and click "Confirm Order".

    You can order vouchers for multiple courses to by clicking "Add another item +".

    Once confirmed you will be presented with a summary of your order along with the total cost for you to check before submitting your order.

    You will be issued with the voucher codes immediately from within your account so you can start giving them out to your students.  No need to wait! 

    In the mean time we will raise an invoice and send it to your finance department.


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