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    There is a problem / Smart Revise isn't working


    We try our very hardest to make sure that Smart Revise works on a large range of devices and browsers.  

    However it is impossible to cover everything and sometimes technical issues will occur.

    Here are a few suggestions which might sort out the issue:

    • Clear your cookies
    • Make sure you are using the newest version of your browser
    • If you are having persistent issues in a certain browser try switching, popular ones are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge etc.

    If you find you have persistent problems using Smart Revise then please CONTACT US making sure to give us:

    • Details of the problem
    • The date and time it occured
    • The browser and browser version (e.g. Chrome 12.3.2)
    • The device you used (e.g. iPhone 8s Plus)
    • If possible send us a screen shot too

    The more information you can provide the more likely we will be able to fix the problem for good!

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