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    Why use Smart Revise / How is it different?


    Smart connections...


    Unlike other multiple choice questioning tools, Smart Revise offers help when students get a question wrong, by explaining the correct answer.  With direct links to relevant videos from CraignDave, students can jump right back to targeted tuition for parts of the course they don’t understand.

    Smart interventions...

    Students can use Smart Revise independently of their teacher.  However, by creating classes and inviting students to link to a class, a teacher can see real time reports of progress and engagement.  This facilitates timely interventions to ensure students remain on track.


    Built for smartphones...


    Smart Revise works on any internet connected device.  It is ideal for students to engage with anytime, anywhere.  At home, at school, or whilst waiting for a bus!  Smart Revise is a responsible learning tool and when connected to a teacher, availability can be restricted ensuring students are not revising when they should be sleeping!

    Try it today for free...

    Create a free student and teacher account and give Smart Revise a try today.  A tutorial pack of 70 questions will enable you to use the full product with no nuisance follow up sales call.  When you are ready, there is no need to upgrade your account, just purchase a revision pack either for yourself or your students and continue using the credentials you already have.  Simply head over to to get started!


    Simple start, smart future...


    Smart Revise Quiz is just phase 1 of a smarter revision tool.  Ongoing, continual development allows us to build a wider range of interactive revision tools within just one product.

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