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    How much does it cost?


    We have two different types of subscription plan; Per User and Per Subject:

    • Per User: This provides you with a fixed number of students but allows you to use it with an unlimited number of subjects.  This model is tiered based on the number of users.
    • Per Subject: This provides you with unlimited users, but only costs £600 per subject.  This model is ideal if you are thinking of using this system in just one subject.  They can use the system at a greatly reduced cost, but it will be available for all students.

    You can see full details below.

    You can also download this pricing flyer as a PDF, it is attached to this help article.

    We understand that you would like Assessment Expert to be free.  Especially in a climate where budgets seem to be getting tighter every year.  We know that every pound you spend has to count, and there are difficult decisions about where to make your investments.

    We wanted to build a reliable, stable, secure, scalable and self-sustaining system.  With Assessment Expert all your assessment data lives in the cloud and we know how precious it is to you.  It is therefore important that we build a system using the very latest industry technology and approaches.  Assessment Expert is hosted on the Microsoft Azure network, and that comes at a cost.

    Our pricing structure is intended to be flexible to your school situation.  You can choose individual licenses which is ideal for small schools who want to deploy Assessment Expert across many subjects, or per subject licensing which is ideal for larger schools who want to deploy to just one subject initially.

    Although originally built as a tool to assess ICT at Key Stage 3, Assessment Expert has also found a home in assessing programming, PE, Music and Life skills in schools.

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