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    3.4 Looking up Students usernames


    Students login user names are always displayed in brackets to the right of their actual names on the Student Class lists page.

    Simply select a Subject followed by any Class and you will see the username for each student in brackets to the right of their names.  These are the details students should note down so they can login to the Assessment Expert system:

    You can also view a list of student’s usernames, along with their associated alias (if they have one set) and their real name by selecting “System Management” from the drop down menu as show here:

    Then choose “Manage Users” from the “Systems Management” panel at the bottom as shown here:

    In the example screenshot below we can see that the user “Alibi, Chagrining” has the default system generated login username of 7996, but has also set up the alias of “tester2”.  Meaning they can login with either.

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