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    2.6 Students Self Assessing


    Research has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Students are excellent at “knowing what they know”.

    With this philosophy in mind Assessment Expert allows Students to “Self-Assess” their understanding against Criteria.  Thus turning a Class of say 30 Students from having a single assessor to 31! 


    Not only does this provide you with great opportunities for getting Students too self and peer assess, which is part of good teaching but it also massively cuts down on your data entry requirements.


    This section is concerned with how a Student can use their Heatmap to self-assess and thus “Flag” Criteria as having been met in the eyes of the Student.


    Full details of how a Teacher verifies Student’s self-assessment judgements are covered in Section 1.


    First Students need to click the text link in the top left portion of the screen which reads “Click here to see my colour map and skills I need to work on”.

    The progress over time Heatmap displays all Criteria the Student is able to achieve across all of their Modules, it groups them together under the appropriate Topics, with the higher graded Criteria at the top of each Topic.

    A Criteria with a white background indicates it has not been attempted by the Student.  Increasing brighter shades of green indicate confidence with the skill / knowledge or area of understanding.

    To the right of each Criteria are two small icons.

    Pressing the “Tick” icon will cause the “Self-Assessing for:” window to appear:

    The student must then choose which module they are currently undertaking and choose their judgement based on how well they believe they have achieved the criteria:


    -              Criteria demonstrated but only with much guidance / support / help / scaffolding

    secure  Criteria demonstrated with reasonable confidence, little guidance / support / help needed

    +             Criteria clearly and independently demonstrated


    Once done the student presses the “Add Self-Assessment” button, this “Flags” the Criteria as having been met in the eyes of the student.

    It is important to note that nothing happens until the Teacher has verified the self-assessment judgement.  The “Flagged” Criteria are not included in feedback, analytics reports or any grade / level calculations. 

    A Criteria flagged as awaiting “Verification” by a Teacher is shown on the Heatmap with a purple background.

    At any point before the Teacher verifies the Criteria the Student may “Un-Flag” it.  They simply press the tick icon and the grey background will be removed.  The tick icon thus acts as a toggle.

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