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    2.5 The Student Diary and Setting Targets


    Assessment Expert allows Students to keep a Diary of their learning journey.  This is an excellent way to get Students involved in the learning process and be reflective on what they are doing and how they are achieving.

    Students can make three types of entries in their diary:

    • Official responses to end of Modules:
      • These are highlighted with a green background and start with the title of the Module, followed by the Modules overall formative assessment grade and the tag “My response is:”
    • Personal Criteria targets:
      • This are set by the Student selecting a Criteria they want to work on from their Heatmap and start with the wording “My target is:”
    • Free flow comments:
      • The Student can enter any text they wish for this type of entry.


    The summary of the latest six diary entries are displayed in the bottom right portion of the screen.  Students can access the full diary by clicking on either of the text links in the title bar of the summary panel:

    Diary entries are listed in chronological order with the newest entry at the top, much like a blog, and they are grouped together by month.  Students are able to edit and delete any diary entry they wish by using the two buttons on the right of each entry as shown below.

    Official responses to end of Modules

    How to enter these into the diary has already been covered above under section 2.2

    Personal Criteria targets

    Students can use their Heatmap to quickly and easily set themselves personal targets.

    First Students need to click the text link in the top left portion of the screen which reads “Click here to see my colour map and skills I need to work on”.

    The progress over time Heatmap displays all Criteria the Student is able to achieve across all of their Modules, it groups them together under the appropriate Topics, with the higher graded Criteria at the top of each Topic.

    A Criteria with a white background indicates it has not been attempted by the Student.  Increasing brighter shades of green indicate confidence with the skill / knowledge or area of understanding.

    To the right of each Criteria are two small icons.

    By pressing the “Target” icon the Criteria is transferred along with the current date and its grade / level into the diary along with the tag “My target is:”

    Free flow comments

    Along with official responses to Modules and target setting, Students are also able to make “Free flow” comments at any point.

    These are done simply by writing in the empty box on the summary screen under where it reads “My Student diary”.  Once written Students press the blue + icon.


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