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    1.11 Viewing Students diaries


    Students are able to maintain their own personal diary from their login, where they can easily set targets, enter observations on their learning and provide written responses to formative assessments.  Full details of the diary are covered under Section 2.

    As a Teacher you are able to easily view and edit any entry in a Students diary.

    After choosing a Class from the Classes screen you will see the following options:

    Select “View Student Diaries”.  

    This will then take you to a list of Students within that Class.

    Selecting a Student from the list will show you their diary.

    Students are able to make three types of entries in their diary:

    • Official responses to end of Modules:
      • These are highlighted with a green background and start with the title of the Module, followed by the Modules overall formative assessment grade and the tag “My response is:”
    • Personal Criteria targets:
      • These are set by the Student selecting a Criteria they want to work on from their Heatmap and start with the wording “My target is:”
    • Free flow comments:
      • The Student can enter any text they wish for this type of entry.

    Fully details of how a Student uses their diary are covered in Section 2.

    Diary entries are listed in chronological order with the newest entry at the top, much like a blog, and they are grouped together by month.

    All of this can see on the screen shot on the following page.

    As a Teacher you are able to edit and delete any diary entry you wish by using the two buttons on the right of each entry as shown above.

    You can also use the blue button at the top of the diary “+ Add new Diary Entry” to provide some feedback or commentary directly into the diary for the Student.

    When you make an entry into the Student’s diary in this manner it will show up starting with the wording “Entry added by <username>:”

    NOTE: For ease of navigation, there are two “quick links” at the top of the page which will quickly switch you to the same students Heatmap and Analytics page.

    You can also use the arrows to either side of the student to easily navigate through the class in order.

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