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    1.10 Viewing Students Feedback


    Another nice feature of Assessment Expert is the ability to produce “one-click” feedback sheets for a complete Class once a Module has been delivered, and to be able to print these off and hand to the Students, provide to parents / observers.

    After choosing a Class from the Classes screen you will see the following options:

    Choose the “View Student Feedback” option.

    Now select an appropriate Module from the list.

    You will be presented with a report for the Module which shows each Student along with what they have learnt.  It is grouped under headings which correspond to the - / secure / + judgements you made during assessment.

    All “+” assessments come out under the heading “You have shown great skill at…”

    All “secure” assessments come out under the heading “You were secure with…”

    All “-” assessments come out under the heading “You needed help with…”

    Not only is this system providing you with specific and targeted “How to Improve” feedback per Student, for each Module, thus massively cutting down on the amount of hand written feedback you have to give Students it will also automatically generate two targets for future improvement to provide the Students some focus.

    This page is formatted with appropriate HTML page breaks so that if you hit print from your browsers they will come out with each Student on a new page.  These can then be handed out to the Students / given to tutors or used as hard copies at parents’ evenings etc.


    The Students can also access this personalised feedback electronically via their own logins, this is covered under Section 2.

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