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    1.7 Entering Mass Assessment Judgements


    Note: If you don’t see the “Save to all students” button it is because your institution has chosen to disable / hide this feature.  It can be turned on from the System Management panel which is accessed from the drop down menu in the top right corner for all teacher users with Admin permissions.  Details of how to do this are document under Section 3 of this documentation.

    Assessment Expert has a handy feature to allow you to record one judgment for your entire Class.  For example, if you had been teaching your whole Class how to create simple “SUM” formulas in Excel and you were convinced all had achieved the skill then you could use this system to apply the appropriate judgment to every Student in a Class.

    To do this simply select the drop down filter to the right of the “Save to..” button as shown below.  You can now select multiple students.  You can also choose “Select all” and then uncheck the students who are not present.

    Although this feature is handy and can save a lot of time it should be used sparingly.  Judgments should be personal to each Student.  If applying to a whole Class make sure those not present (e.g. due to illness) are then removed from the judgment by using the “Clear” option.

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