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    Introduction / Overview - (Administrator User)



    Section 3

     Using Assessment Expert as an Administrator / Middle / Senior Leader


    This section will concern itself with a breakdown of how to use Assessment Expert from the point of view of an administrator / middle / senior leader.

    Assessment Expert actually only has two main types of users. Teachers and Students.  All of these user accounts are created automatically when your institution performs its initial data import.

    When your institution registered for the first time the system automatically created a Teacher user from the email address provided with full privileges with the username you supplied.

    Initially this will be the only user in the system and it will be the responsibility of this user to perform the initial data import which will create all other users (both Teachers and Students).  After this stage the initial admin user can assign partial / full privileges to as many Teacher users as they like, thus effectively creating additional admins. 

    NOTE: Admins is really the wrong word for them, they are simply Teacher users with different level of privileges.  The initial user created at registration is only different in that it is permanently locked into the position of having “Permission” rights.  In this way the system prevents a situation where no Teacher user any longer has permission to alter other user’s permissions!

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