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    3.1 Changing user privileges


    The initial user created at account registration will be responsible for assigning other Teacher users with appropriate privileges.

    Once done any user with the “Permissions” permission will be able to aid in managing additional users.  Just as an example, the initial admin user may assign the ability to grant “permissions” to say all Senior / Middle Leaders or Heads of Department.  It can now be left up to them to choose which permissions they assign their staff.

    To access admin settings a Teacher user should select “System Management” from the top right corner, it drops down from the person portrait as shown here:

    Once selected they will be taken to the System Management page:

    From here you should choose “Manage Permissions”.

    This will bring up the Permissions screen.

    Use the Search Teachers box at the top to find Teacher users.  This is a smart search box and it will display a collapsing list of valid Teacher users as you start to type.  As soon as you find a Teacher you wish to manage permissions for click their name in the list and they will be added to the page.


    You can add multiple Teachers at once to this page, each will display in a new row (as shown below).  If you want to remove a Teacher from the list just press the red cross button.

    Adding and removing various permissions from Teacher users is as simple as ticking or unticking the box under the appropriate column.  You can update multiple Teachers’ permissions at once using this interface, to apply all your changes just click “Update Permissions”.

    NOTE: Users will need to log out and back into the system for their new permissions to take effect.

    3.1.1 List of permissions

    System tab

    • Import:                 Allows users to run data imports using .csv files into Assessment Expert.
    • Analytics Config:     Allows users to set & change the Analytics Engine & Course Type assigned to a Class.
    • Permission: Allows users the right to manage other user’s permissions.

    Course Builder Tab

    • Manage Courses: Allows users access to the Course Builder.
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