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    2.4 How Students Provide “My Response Is” (MRI’s)


    It is considered excellent practice to allow Students to formally respond to Teachers written feedback.  Assessment Expert allows Students to do this in a number of ways.  One of the main mechanisms for this is in the form of an official response at the end of the delivery of a Module.

    Some institutions refer to this as a “My Response Is” (MRI), while others use “Learn Action Response” (LAR).  Whatever it might be called Students can provide a formal written response based on the Teacher generated feedback for a Module by clicking the blue pencil icon under the “My Response:” heading to the right of each Module.

    When the Students click the icon they will get the pop up window shown above.  The Students can enter any response they like here (As a Teacher you can edit or delete inappropriate responses from your Teacher login, See Section 1).

    Their response will go into their Student Diary.  As formative end of Module responses are important they will show in the Full Student Diary with a green background.  Whatever the Student has written will be automatically proceeded with the Module name, Formative Grade and the tag “My response is:”.  A typical entry might look something like this:

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