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    1.12 Verifying Students Self Assessments


    With all the will in the world, we know that Teachers only have a limited amount of time capture Student’s assessments.  Research has also proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Students are excellent at “knowing what they know”.

    With this philosophy in mind Assessment Expert allows Students to “Self-Assess” their understanding against Criteria.  Thus turning a Class of say 30 Students from having a single assessor to 31! 

    Not only does this provide you with great opportunities for getting Students too self and peer assess, which is part of good teaching but it also massively cuts down on your data entry requirements. 

    Full details of how Students self-assess are covered in Section 2. 

    This section is concerned with how you, as a Teacher use the system to “Verify” the self-assessment judgements the Students have made.

    After choosing a Class from the Classes screen you will see the following options:

    Select the “View Heatmaps” option. 

    This will give you a list of Students in the Class. 

    To save you time, any student who has performed at least one self-assessment ready for you to review is indicated with a red bell icon to the left of their name as shown below:

    Select any Student to view their progress over time Heatmap.

    Any criteria the student has flagged as being self-assessed will appear with a purple background, along with a record of their judgement and two icons to either accept or reject the judgement.

    The coloured boxes represent how well the student believe they have achieved this criteria:

    -              Criteria demonstrated but only with much guidance / support / help / scaffolding

    secure  Criteria demonstrated with reasonable confidence, little guidance / support / help needed

    +             Criteria clearly and independently demonstrated

    You can accept / reject individual judgements manually one at a time by clicking on the tick or cross icon on the far right.

    Alternatively you can “Accept all Judgements for this student” by clicking on the button on the top right of the Heatmap screen.

    However, you accept the judgements you will see them shaded appropriately on the heat map.

    It is important to note that nothing happens until you as a Teacher has verified the self-assessment judgement.  The “Flagged” Criteria in grey are not included in feedback, analytics reports or any grade / level calculations.

    Once you have accepted them via this method it is as if you have gone in via the “Enter Assessment Data” screen and recorded the judgements yourself.

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