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    1.8 Viewing Students Progress Heatmaps


    One nice feature of Assessment Expert is the automatic production of progress over time Heatmaps which help to show you instantly, in a graphical way, which gaps Students have in their knowledge and understanding and how their learning has been progressing.

    Select a Class from the homepage and then click the “View Heatmaps” option. 

    This will give you a list of Students in the Class. 

    Select any Student to view their progress over time Heatmap.

    The progress over time Heatmap displays all Criteria the Student is able to achieve across all of their Modules, it groups them together under the appropriate Topics, with the higher graded Criteria at the top of each Topic.

    A Criteria with a white background indicates it has not been attempted by the Student.  Increasing brighter shades of green indicate confidence with the skill / knowledge or area of understanding.

    For heat mapping to work it is important that key skills / knowledge and understanding are recorded for Students in Assessment Expert each time they demonstrate it.  Multiple opportunities should be provided in the curriculum to allow for Students to demonstrate and build confidence over time.

    NOTE: For ease of navigation, there are “quick links” at the top of the page which will quickly switch you to the same students Analytics and Diary page.

    You can also use the arrows to either side of the student to easily navigate through the class in order.

    The slider at the top of the page can be used to visualise how the Student has been learning over time, and is a great way to provide evidence to an observer of the Students learning journey.




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