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    1.6 Entering Assessment Judgements


    Assuming a Course has been set up and finalised and has been assigned to at least one Class (and this should only be done before the start of the academic year before you start assessing) you are now ready to start entering assessment judgments.

    After choosing a Class from the Classes screen you will see the following options:

    Select the “Enter Assessment Data” option.  This will take you to a list of the Modules available in the system based on your current curriculum model. 

    Once you know which Module you want to work with choosing it will take you to the Topics page.  Here you will be presented with a list of Topics to record assessment judgments against.  Again the list of Topics available in the system is driven by your institutions curriculum model.

    Once you have selected a student you will be taken to a list of Students in this Class:

    Select the Student you wish to enter assessment data for.


    You will now be presented with the main assessment data entry screen for that Student.  On this screen you can record any assessment judgements at the relevant grade.  You will notice that the Course Type you choose will be applied to the Class and will be displayed by grouping assessment Criteria statements together under blue heading bands with the higher graded statements at the top.


    Criteria statements under any given heading indicate knowledge, skills and understanding a Student should be expected to demonstrate at the associated grade.

    You can record assessment judgments at one of three fine grading’s:

    -              Criteria demonstrated but only with much guidance / support / help / scaffolding

    secure  Criteria demonstrated with reasonable confidence, little guidance / support / help needed

    +             Criteria clearly and independently demonstrated


    Once you have entered all the assessments you want to record for the Student make sure to click the save button.  There is one located at both the top and bottom of the page for ease of use.


    If you make a mistake while choosing judgements, but before you press save you can clear the selection by choosing the undo button to the far right  .

    If you have pressed Save but want to clear a previous judgement you simple choose the Clear option on the left.  Once you press Save again this will clear the recorded judgement for that Student.

    The dark green banner at the top of the screen provides an easy “bread crumb” style navigation pane allowing you to quickly switch back between the various screens.

    In the screenshot above we can easily see that we are currently in the “Desktop Publishing Skills” Topic of the “7.0 Come To The Zoo” Module for Student “ALIBI Chagrining”.

    You can click any of the text links to instantly change back to that screen.  You can click on the colored bars to get back to the menu options for this class, and you can change classes / subjects by pressing the white boxes to the left.

    You can also use the arrows to either side of the student to easily navigate through the class in order.

    The system remembers what Student you last selected and if you try to change Topics or Modules it will give you the option to either remain with this student for assessment of select a new student from the class.  


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