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    1.3 Accessing your Classes


    After logging in the first page you will see is the list of Subjects that your institution thinks you teach.

    Click on a Subject to work with it.

    If you have been granted permissions to manage configuration at a Subject level you will also see a cog symbol against a Subject (as show on the following page), here you will be able to choose which Analytics Engine is used to interpret the assessment data recorded for that Subject.  By doing so you will override the default settings for your institution (for a full explanation of the Analytic Engines and Course Types available and what they mean please see Appendix B).

    NOTE: It is highly advised you don’t alter this setting unless you know what you are doing.  Most institutions will set an institution wide Analytics Engine.  You will be able to set your specific Course Type at a Course level from inside the Course Builder, which will mean you can choose Course by Course if you want to use 9-1, A*-E, Distinction-Pass etc.

    If you only taught one Subject and didn't have configuration permissions, you would be taken directly to the Class lists for your Subject.

    Select the appropriate Subject to be taken to the list of Classes taught within that Subject. 

     A typical Classes screen for a Subject might look something like this:

    This is a list of Classes that are taught this Subject.  The Class code is on the left followed by the staff teaching code in brackets.  A Class which already has at least one Course associated with it is shown in black text. Clicking on this Class will allow you to work with it.

    Classes yet to have any Courses associated with it are shown in red text.  At least one Course must be created and assigned before working with a Class (the Course Builder under another article).

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