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    Introduction / Overview - (Student User)



    Section 2

     Using Assessment Expert as a Student


    Arguably one of the most important aspects of any system which is designed to track Student’s achievement over time is its ability to provide useful feedback to the Students to allow them to take ownership of learning and to be able to independently answers “Where do I go next?” questions.

    To this end Assessment Expert provides every Student in your institution with their own login, from here they will be able to:

    • Access personalised feedback on their work
    • Respond to formative, graded feedback with written responses
    • Maintain a diary of learning
    • View visual Heatmaps of their learning journey
    • Self-assess their own learning

    This section will concern itself with a breakdown of how a Student would use Assessment Expert in order to carry out each of the above tasks.

    If Students are taught multiple Subjects or taught more than one Course within a Subject then they will first have to choose the course they wish to review.

    From here the Students are then presented with an overview summary screen for that Subject.

    The page is divided into four sections:

    • Top Left (Targets): Here they can click to view their colour Heatmap for the Subject. It is also from here that they can access the ability to set targets and perform self-assessment.
    • Top Right (Attainment): Here they can see at a glance their Current Grade, Predicted Grade and Target Grade for the Subject. (Note, some of these fields can be hidden if you wish, please see SECTION 3: Using Assessment Expert as an Administrator / Middle / Senior Leader)
    • Bottom Left (Project Feedback): Here they see all the Modules they have undertaken so far. They can click any Module heading to view personalised feedback on that Module.  Next to this is the Module Grade, which is an amalgamated grade of all the assessment judgements which they have received under that Module.  To the right of that is a blue pencil icon which allows them to provide a formal written response to the feedback received at the end of a Module.
    • Bottom Right (Student Diary): Here the Students can view the 6 latest entries of their Student diary, add a diary entry or access their full Student diary by clicking “Show full diary”.

    NOTE: OFSTED states that the best lessons are those where the Student can take ownership of their learning and where a Student is able to confidently and independently ascertain what grade / level they are working at and more importantly what they need to do in order to progress in their learning journey.

    The Student side of Assessment Expert FULLY supports these goals.

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